Phage therapy of infectious biofilms: Challenges and strategies

Joana Azeredo2bisJoana Azeredo is an associate professor at the University of Minho and the head of the Biofilm Research Group of Centre of Biological Engineering. During Phage Therapy Congress 2016 on June 2-3 in Paris, Pr. Azeredo will present “Phage therapy of infectious biofilms: Challenges and strategies”,

According to Dr. Azeredo, infectious biofilms are difficult to target with conventional antibiotherapy due to their intrinsic tolerance to antibiotics. The tri-dimensional structure of the biofilm structure along with the physiology of biofilms cells, also impose some difficulties to phagetherapy. In this talk the challenges faced by bacteriophages when interacting and kill biofilm cells will be discussed as well as innovative approaches to enhance phage efficacy towards infectious biofilms.

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